Terms of service

§ 1 General

  1. The website was created to create prayer groups, prayer requests and to inform other users about their prayer. Using the website for other purposes is prohibited.
  2. The contract is concluded when the user creates the account.
  3. The contract can be terminated by the user at any time. As soon as the user stops using the services on the website, the contract terminates automatically.

§ 2 Types and scope of services

    Free services:

  1. User can create an account.
  2. Users can create prayer groups.
  3. Users can delete prayer groups they have created.
  4. The user can create prayer intentions in his group or intentions available to all users. All intentions created in the prayer group are visible to users outside the group.
  5. Users can delete their own prayer intentions.
  6. Using the iPray button, the user can notify other creators of prayer intentions that he is praying for the intention.
  7. Users can add or remove the intentions of other users from their prayer groups.
  8. Users can add or remove other users from their prayer groups.
  9. The user can report a violation of the regulations using the "Report" button, which is located next to any content created by users.

§ 3 Conditions of services

  1. User undertakes to comply with the prohibition on providing illegal content.
  2. All user activities on the site may not violate the law, rules of social coexistence and decency.
  3. In particular, you may not post content:
    • Content that is unlawful, e.g. threatening, offensive, violating the dignity, privacy or other personal rights of others, infringing copyright and other goods protected by law.
    • Pornographic content.
    • Content that offends religious feelings and content that is offensive.
    • Advertising.
  4. In case of a breach of the regulations, the website owner has right to delete content created by the user and to delete the user account without prior warning.
  5. The Service Provider has right to temporarily disable the website in order to carry out technical work, introduce new functionalities or improve the functioning of the website.

§ 4 Technical requirements

  1. User must have an internet connection.
  2. User must have a web browser that supports HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.